Even in these times: internships at LetsGrow.com

Even in these times: internships at LetsGrow.com

25 February 2021

At LetsGrow.com, we value students very highly. After all, students are the professionals of the future. Therefore LetsGrow.com gladly offers students an internship or, at a later stage, a side job. But with which fields of study can you turn to LetsGrow.com? We understand that this may be somewhat vague. On our website you can read all about data, plant physiology and software. So which students are the best fit for us then?
The answer is that one can intern at LetsGrow.com with various studies. We often have room for interns in many different disciplines. In order to give you a better picture we have asked our current interns to tell us something more about themselves, their studies and their assignment at LetsGrow.com.


Nick van Leeuwen – Applied Computer Science

I am Nick van Leeuwen and I study Applied Computer Science at the University of Applied Science in Rotterdam. In the last six months I did an internship at LetsGrow.com. During my internship I worked at a remote assistance system with the Google Glass that maybe can help crop advisors in the future.

Owen Braber – Computer Engineering

Hi, my name is Owen Braber and I’m a 20 year old student from Vlaardingen. Currently, I’m studying Computer Engineering at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. I’m a graduation intern at LetsGrow.com, as this is the last year of my bachelor. Currently, as part of my graduation, I’m working on a product to allow plants or plant bulbs to be monitored to allow for better analysis of the growing method used, broadly speaking.

Roos Martens – Master Spaceflight

Hi, my name is Roos, I am 24 years old and live in Rotterdam. I just started my internship at LetsGrow.com and will be researching if there can be some improvements with detecting lettuce crops in greenhouses. This internship is part of my master’s Spaceflight at the TU Delft: so this will certainly be a different topic than I am used to. Next to studying, I also play field hockey and tennis (when this is possible again of course), and I like to play the piano. All in all, I am really excited about starting the internship and seeing where this project can go!

Tyson Breederland- Horticulture & Business Management

Hi, my name is Tyson. I am originally from Canada and am now in my third year of studying Horticulture & Business Management at the HAS in Den Bosch. During my internship here at LetsGrow.com, I will be completing a research project looking into correlations in greenhouse data and the use of certain sensors for improvements in Data-Driven Growing.

Joeri Missler – Applied Mathematics

My name is Joeri Missler and I am 25 years old. I study Applied Mathematics at De HHS in Delft. In my spare time I like to watch movies or series and play different kind of sports. At LetsGrow.com I am doing my thesis about upgrading the accuracy of the energy predictions for greenhouses of clients.

Interns LetsGrow.com

As you can read, students with many different studies and assignments can fit at LetsGrow.com. Every period we have room for a number of interns in various fields. Are you interested in an internship at LetsGrow.com? Keep an eye on our vacancy page.

Are you not looking for an internship, but a fulltime job? We also have these available. Check it out here. Would you like to receive more information? Then contact Marieke Kempen via 010-4608029

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