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Sharing in general


To give others rights to inspection on your data (or items), you must be a member of a user group.


"Sharing" and "rights to inspection" are distinguished separately in LetsGrow.


1. You can "share" the following things in LetsGrow

  • data which you enter manually or which is automatically collected from your climate computer or other devices.
  • definition of graphics and surveys which you created in folders with a red sphere.
  • your own crops.


By sharing items, others can view them and create graphics of them.

Definitions that you share can be adjusted by others.
You have the option of sharing data of definitions or crops with everyone, or with individuals.

Items which you have shared cannot be subsequently shared by others. You have, and maintain, control of who can view your items.


2. In addition you can give "rights to inspection" to your crops

If you give rights to inspection to crops, then the items in that crop can be looked at by others.
Others cannot create graphics from these items.
Others can only view the items from the crop between the start and end date.


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