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LetsGrow.com Climate Monitor

Follow your greenhouse climate closely

A better greenhouse climate results in a higher crop yield. With the LetsGrow.com Climate Monitor you know exactly how the most important growing factors relate to each other. You define your own lightning zones with corresponding temperatures, RH and CO₂. The LetsGrow.com Climate Monitor registers what happens in the greenhouse and shows you the results at a glance.


The ideal growing climate

Your crops can grow in an ideal environment by setting target values on your climate computer, like greenhouse temperatures, humidity and CO₂ levels. However in reality deviations occur. Such deviations result in a less than optimal greenhouse climate. But how do you track such deviations? And how do you determine the quality of the climate? The answer to these questions lay in the crop itself. The crop experiences the growing climate as a combination of the following factors: radiation (PAR), temperature, RH and CO₂. With every radiation level comes certain thresholds for the other factors. These factors ensure the plant stays balanced and this results in an optimal production and quality of the crop. Monitoring and guarding the right combination of growing factors in the greenhouse is the basis of the LetsGrow.com Climate Monitor.


Climate Monitor gives insight

You will be able to regularly view the graphs of the greenhouse climate and access if the temperature, RH and CO₂ levels exceed critical values. However important these individual values are, for the crop the right combination is key. The LetsGrow.com Climate Monitor continuously registers the realised greenhouse climate and judges if the growing factors PAR, temperature, RH and CO₂ are in balance; this means within the thresholds defined by you. Deviations are registered and are displayed in graphs and overviews. In a fast and simple manner the LetsGrow.com Climate Monitor provides you with insight in the quality of the greenhouse climate. The LetsGrow.com Climate Monitor shows when breaking a certain threshold and thus what changes in the greenhouse climate are needed. 


Set your own thresholds

In the LetsGrow.com Climate Monitor you set the desired climate conditions at the different lightning levels at your discretion. You can add as many lines as needed. With the help of your crop advisor you can determine what thresholds are best for your desired situation.


climate monitor limits


What you will see

In a fast and simple manner the LetsGrow.com Climate Monitor provides you with insight in the quality of the greenhouse climate. The temperature, humidity and CO₂ are shown in one graph. Below you see an example.


climate monitor graph 1 grey

Every time the growing factors temperature, humidity and CO₂ break thru their respective thresholds, you will see a vertical line in the chart. Red is for temperature, dark blue is for humidity and CO₂ is shown in light blue. Additionally, a “day counter” increases (green line).
The brown line shows the average percentage of deviation.


Critical moments?

The LetsGrow.com Climate Monitor shows critical moments: this means when the temperature, humidity or CO₂ comes outside the thresholds defined by you.
An example: for every light level you have specified a corresponding temperature bandwidth. Depending on the measured light the temperature bandwidth adjust up or down as well (green and yellow line). The measured temperature (red line) comes outside the target bandwidth at certain moments (vertical gray lines). These are the critical moments.


climate monitor graph 2 grey

For humidity and CO₂ there are identical graphs. 



The overviews within the LetsGrow.com Climate Monitor show clearly what happened over a longer period. The example below shows the ‘percentage correct’ on the last line. It shows if the recent days went well. The higher the percentage, the better the climate remained within corresponding bandwidths without breaking thresholds.


climate monitor report 1


What are you able to do with the LetsGrow.com Climate Monitor?

The LetsGrow.com Climate Monitor provides you with valuable and practical information related to your greenhouse climate. What does this mean exactly?
Follow your climate.
You gain insight in the most important growing factors quickly. You can see if your climate is as desired. Based on this, you can decide to adjust your climate.
Learn from your climate.
With the LetsGrow.com Climate Monitor you define the thresholds for the growing factors. The program follows what happens. As a result, you will have a better understanding of your climate. What consistency is there between the growing factors? What effect do your settings have?
Graphs and overviews per mail.
You can email graphs and overviews to any given address. This is possible at fixed times or conditionally, this means depending on exceeding a certain value.
Your crop advisor.
Would you like to provide your crop advisor with insight into your data? That is possible, without any extra costs. You can share the data from the Climate Monitor with everyone, for example with your cultivation manager or a colleague from you cultivation organization.


What do you need?

To use the LetsGrow.com Climate Monitor, you need to following:
- Radiation (PAR) meter: a radiation meter is essential to measure the growth light. Ask your installer when there is no PAR radiation meter connected to your climate computer.
- Account: an account with LetsGrow.com is free. You can add the Climate Monitor to your existing account.
- Connecting: you have to connect your climate computer to LetsGrow.com. Is your climate computer already connected to LetsGrow.com? You can start immediately.
- Module: for each department you like to register, you need a separate module from the LetsGrow.com Climate Monitor. You can purchase these modules via our servicedesk.


Starting with the LetsGrow.com Climate Monitor?

Would you like to start with the LetsGrow.com Climate Monitor quickly?
Follow the steps below.

1. Create an account at LetsGrow.com.
- If you already have an account, you can skip this step.
- You can create an account under ‘register’ at www.letsgrow.com.
- Fill in the form and follow the instructions.

2. Log in with your account.
- Before you log in, select the English version by clicking the British flag.

Purchase the module via our servicedesk. When the module has been added to your account, you can use it immediately. You will receive the invoice by regular mail afterwards.

3. Connect your climate computer to LetsGrow.com.
- If your climate computer is already connected to LetsGrow.com, you can skip this step.
- Contact LetsGrow.com to connect your climate computer. Under normal circumstances, we will connect your climate computer within five working days.

4. Configuration.
- You can link the measurements from the climate computer to your module by yourself. An explanation is available in the manual ‘module configuration’.

5. Set your own thresholds.
- Set the desired radiation (PAR) bandwidths with corresponding temperature, humidity and CO₂.

The standard graphs that come with the module will be filled from the moment data is available.
You can create graphs and overviews of the data you find interesting yourself.
You can email graphs at fixed times or conditionally, the latter means depending on a graph breaking a certain threshold.

If you need assistance, please contact our servicedesk via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at +31-10-4608108. We are pleased to help you with any questions you have.


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