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This manual will show you step by step how to make a selection from available items. This way you can gain insight in the data you have selected. In short: the item selection enables you to prevent irrelevant data from showing.

  • In the first step of the process you select one or more modules in which the data is collected. If data is being collected from multiple departments, you will need to select the desired department in this step.
    itemsselectie EN afb 3

  • In the second step of the process you need to make a selection from one or several items available in the selected module(s). The items you have selected will be added to the graph, report or gauge. Is the desired item unavailable? Then you need to return to ‘modules’ by clicking on ‘previous’ in order to select another module. 
    itemsselectie EN afb 2
  • In the third step of the process you can choose an ‘interval’. It is only logical that an item registered only once per day or once per week cannot be added as a ‘5-min’ item. When a specific interval is not available for the selected item, the checkbox for that interval will turn a lighter shade of grey, indicating that it cannot be selected.
    itemsselectie EN afb 1
    • With some items it is important to specify the location of the measured item. This is the case with sensors for example. In this case you can select the locations in the next step of the process.
      itemsselectie EN afb 4
    • When you create a graph within a cropgroup, you will be given the option to show data in a certain aggregation. For example: by selecting ‘total’, a summation of the data in the item will be made. You can also select ‘per m2’ which will aggregate the data to square meters.
      itemsselectie EN afb 5
  • At last you will see an overview of the selected items. Through the blocks above the selected items you can go back to previous steps in the process to add more items. If there are undesired items with ‘interval’ in your overview, you can remove them by deselecting the specific item.
    itemsselectie EN afb 6


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