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What is LetsTalk

LetsTalk allows you to easily add free text within a crop group.
You can use it as a logbook for all members of a specific crop group.
It supports you in graphics and overviews that are already shared by the crop group.
You can add any text you desire. This can immediately be viewed by the other members of the group.

What do you need

You need to participate in a crop group. A crop group can be recognised by:

  • a "blue sphere" in the folder list (left menu).
  • the mail function of each crop group in the management menu (right menu). 


How it works

In the right menu you see the icon LetsTalk.

Right of the icon you see a time indication. This shows when the last message was placed.
Placing the mouse cursor above LetsTalk this will open the LetsTalk screen.

You can read previous messages.
You can add new messages.


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