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Clipboard notification manual data entry

Sometimes it can happen (when using IE), that, if you want to enter data manually, the following message appears:


AOP - Data entry - Clipboard notification


This is an automatic message of Internet Explorer, that asks access to your clipboard.
Items that are on your clipboard, can be pasted into this form.


How to disable this popup message ?

1. Go to the Tools -> "Internet Options" menu in Internet Explorer.
2. Select the "Security" tab of Internet Options, and then click on the "Trusted Sites" icon.
3. Select the "Sites..." button below the zone window in the tab.


data entry - notofocation - internet explorer sites  trusted websites


4. In order to add the address to the Trusted Sites list, you will need to enter the full URL path in the textbox if it is not already there. Be sure the full path, including http://, is correct and then click "Add". Make sure to uncheck the "Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone" as well. Then click "OK."

5. Now you will need to allow programmatic clipboard access for your Trusted Sites zone. This can also be done from the Security tab by selecting the "Trusted sites" icon, then click "Custom level... " in the Security level dialog.


data entry - notofocation - internet explorer custom level  AOP - Data entry - Clipboard notification enable1212


6.Once the Security Settings dialog box is open, scroll to the Scripting area and look for "Allow Programmatic clipboard access". Change the setting to "Enable".


7.Click "OK" and then "OK" again in the Internet Options dialog window.



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