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Display graphic as an image


Graphics can be displayed in two ways:

  • as an image.
  • by using ActiveX software.


1. Image

The graphic is displayed as an image. A number of functions such as zooming are not available.
The image of the graphic is created on the LetsGrow server before it is sent to your PC.
You can use this method if you use a browser which is not compatible with ActiveX.

2. ActiveX component

An ActiveX component is a special piece of software that is installed on your PC and is used by Internet Explorer. The ActiveX component will be used when you open a LetsGrow graphic. The first time you do this, Internet Explorer will ask you to install the ActiveX component.

Windows 10 makes use of the standard, the browser 'edge'. Unfortunately, 'Microsoft Edge' does not support ActiveX. This means that the 'old active graphs' not be displayed properly. We suggest you to set your preferences (right menu) for displaying a graph on 'An active chart show (all browsers)'.

Another possibility is to use another browser such as Google Chrome.


How can you change the settings?


Take the following steps:

  1. Log into LetsGrow
  2. Go to "Management" in the right menu (Management menu).
  3. Choose "Preferences".
  4. Place or remove a tick on "Do not use active graphic", depending on your choice.

This option will be remembered every time you log in, on any PC.


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