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Reinstallation LetsGrow Connector


Introduction and approach


LetsGrow.com uses different techniques to make the data from your climate computer accessible. When your climate computer is of brand Priva, Hortimax , Sercom or Patron, the LetsGrow Connector is used to send data from your climate computer to LetsGrow.com. When you have an iSii or ECONOMIC, the connection between LetsGrow.com and the climate computer will be taken care of by internal software.


When your climate computer uses the LetsGrow Connector for sending data, it must be active at all times. It may happen that the LetsGrow Connector is no longer active (you can usually resolve this yourself), or even removed. Probable causes:
1. A climate computer update
2. A climate computer migration
3. Replacement system after hardware failure
4. Removal by user
Note: let your ICT supplier read this page, so that after an update, the LetsGrow Connector works again.


Restoring connection with LetsGrow.com by yourself


1. Copy the folder/directory "LGConnector" or "LetsGrowConnector" from the old system to the new system. The LetsGrow Connector is located at one of these locations:
• C:\Program Files
• C:\Program Files (x86) – [only available on a 64-bit system]
• C:\ProgramData [folder is hidden and you must manually in Windows Explorer.]


2. Create a shortcut of C:\Program Files\LGConnector\LGConnector.exe and put it under the ‘’Windows Start’’ (left bottom of your screen) in the "Startup" folder.
You can put the shortcut also in the following places, depending on the language of Windows: English Microsoft Windows: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\
Dutch Microsoft Windows C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Menu Start\Programma's\Opstarten\
The LetsGrow Connector will start automatically when you start Windows.


3. Note (optional): when your account does not have administrator rights, you need to grant administrator rights to LGConnector. Click with the right mouse button on LGConnector.exe, select "Properties". In the Properties window choose tab "compatibility", then  choose "Run program as administrator" and click "Ok". Then click the button "change settings for all users". In the new window, click the option "Run program as an administrator", then click "Ok", and again click on "Ok".


4. When you have a Priva, make sure that the automatic action "LetsGrow" (or "LetsGrow1", "LetsGrow2", etc) is active.
Click on "General" (in left vertical navigation bar) → "Administrative Tools"→ "automatic actions". The automatic action(s) with "LetsGrow" in the name, must be "active" in the column "status". If this is not the case, ask the ICT supplier to put the automatic operation(s)/settings (for example, after an update) back as he found them before the update.


5. Check the location of the source directory. This is the folder on your computer from which the items are exported to LetsGrow.com. Give us the location by sending an email to servicedesk@​letsgrow.com. This location can be: 
C:\Documents and settings\All Users\Application Data\Priva\Priva Office\Export
C:\ProgramData\Priva\Priva Office\Export


6. Start the LetsGrow Connector by clicking LGConnector. exe or your shortcut. The LetsGrow logo appears on the lower right side of your taskbar. Login after 1 hour on Letsgrow.com. Your data is current again.


In general you use this method when you are migrating your climate computer or install an update.


After max 1 hour log in to LetsGrow.com and you will see that your device under "devices" in the right menu part  is displayed in green.


When your device is colored red, there may be a technical problem. See "Reinstallation by LetsGrow.com technician" below.


Reinstallation by LetsGrow.com technician


You have done the above procedure "Restoring connection with LetsGrow.com by yourself", but there is still no connection after an hour with LetsGrow.com. Or you don’t want to spend any time on the reinstallation. A LetsGrow.com technician can perform a "reinstallation" for you.


1. Order the "reinstallation" via the web shop in the category "General"
2. A Letsgrow.com employee will contact you in order to analyse and identify the problem and solve it for you.
For the work of a reinstall we charge a flat-fee per incident. LetsGrow.com emphasizes that a reinstallation is not included in your subscription, as stated in the Terms and Conditions.


You use this method when a do-it-yourself solution does not work. Think of: System failures and you do not have a backup, or if you have deleted the software yourself.


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