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Email notification


In LetsGrow.com you can automatically send graphs and reports to several email accounts.
The graphs will be sent as image (jpg format) within the email, reports as PDF. This allows you to view your graphs and reports on every device where you have access to your email.


Reports can also be sent as MS Excel file. In this way automatic data transfer to your own computer is possible.

You can create “data export lists” in LetsGrow.com and email these to your email account allowing you to export 5 minute values.


You decide yourself when and to who you send mails. There is no limitation on the amount of mails sent. We have a “fair use policy” and will monitor fairness in use.


How does it work?


Create a new notification:

  1. Log on to LetsGrow.com
  2. Select a graph, report or export list you like to mail
  3. Click on the envelope on the right hand side
  4. A new window will be opened where you can specify to who you want to mail and at what time.


You can decide to mail once and in that case, add text to the email.



Edit an existing notification:

  1. Select under “Manage” at the right hand side “E-mail notifications”
  2. A new window will open with all your notifications
  3. Select the notification you like to change



  • Everyone can unsubscribe from notofication the he/she no longer want to receive.
  • If the list with recipients is empty, the notification will be deleted.
  • If your reports are send as Excel file not all email clients will allow you to open the attachment. This is especially the case with web based mail clients.
  • If you don’t receive emails from LetsGrow.com check your spam filter.


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