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If you are a member of a module crop group (also referred to as ‘blue sphere’), you do not have to run through these steps. You only share a module on individual basis with another user; for example a researcher or a crop advisor. If you want to provide the crop group with insight into your (climate)data, you use a module crop group (‘blue sphere’). Please read the manuals ‘create module crop group’ and ‘create module crop’.

You must participate in a user group to give others access rights to the items in your module.
When sharing a module, you share all items in the module.

Share module

  • Open ‘square blueS Modules’ in the (left) menu by clicking on the plus plusik.
  • Choose a module group and open this menu by clicking on the plus plusik
  • Pick the module you want to share and click on the plus plusik. The administration part will now be visible. 
  • Click on ‘ball glass blueS Administrator’. 
  • Click on the icon share in the center of your screen (the ‘Content: administrator’ part). 
  • A new window will be opened: ‘Wizard sharing module: module name’. Click on ‘next’. 
  • Choose the person(s) you want to share the module with and click on ‘Save’.
  • You have shared the module. 

The items in the module are now shared with the persons you have selected. These individuals can view the items and add the items from the module to their own graphs and overviews.


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