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Create module crop

You would like to compare your data from a module with a module crop group (also referred to as: "blue bulb"). You are already a member of a module crop group. Thus, you want to create a crop in the module crop group. This will allow you to compare with the other members.

1. Requirements

1.      A module crop group has been created.
2.      You are a member of the module crop group.
3.      If you want to make your data available: you have the module(s) that the module crop group administrator has set as mandatory.


2. Create module crop

  • Open the Administration menu (right) by clicking on it.
  • Then click on "Module crop groups" in this menu.
  • A new window will now open.
  • You are now in the menu "overzicht Overview module crop groups".
  • Click on a crop group (indicated with iconcrops) for which you want to create a crop.
  • You will now see the menu on the left change.
  • Click on the menu item "nieuwe teelt Add new crop" in the menu "Crop" on the left.
  • You can now create a crop: Take note of the following:

  1. Choose a unique, distinctive color. It is possible to choose a different color per crop group At "Crop name", choose a crop name  by   which you are recognizable to other members, for example: "Duynsteen Tomatoes Robust". Do not give any year here!
  2. At "Short crop name" give a crop name of a maximum of 8 characters. This short crop name is used in overviews/tables to ensure column width remains  manageable. Choose a recognizable name for the other members in the module crop group.
  3. At "Start date", choose the date that you start your crop. With a continuous crop (that runs uninterrupted throughout the year, like with Phalaenopsis and roses), choose 1 January of this year. For example, "1-1-2014".
  4. Choose the date that your crop ends at "End date". With a continuous crop (that runs uninterrupted throughout the year, like with Phalaenopsis and roses), choose 31 December of this year. For example, "31-12-2014".
  5. Enter the crop area at "Crop area m²".Please note: when you compare different crop phases, you enter the area of thiscrop phase, not of the entire company!
  6. Enter the first day of the week at "Start day week". The start day can depend on the auction or your personal administration. You have to stick to the same start day as the other members.
  7. You enter at "Manual input per", how you would like to manually enter input in LetsGrow.com. Would you like to do this per day or per week? It could be possible, for example, that you don't have a boiler gas meter. You could then make the automatic 5-min item a manual item in the module. You could specify here whether you want to enter the boiler gas per day or per week.
  8. Then you choose the module(s) you wish to compare. The modules that the administrator wishes to compare are given in bold. For example, "Tomato   Climate" and "Meteo".
  9. Please note: when you compare several crop phases (for instance, with Phalaenopsis) then choose one Phalaenopsis climate module! For example, the "Phalaenopsis Climate - Growing 1" module in the module crop group "Growing 1" and "Phalaenopsis Climate - Growing 2" module in the module crop group "Growing 2", and so on.
  10. When you are finished configuring, click on the button "Save", at the bottom of the page.
  11. However, it is advised to be consistent in the choice of color to avoid confusion between crop groups.

You can now compare with the other members. Your data from the module have been made available in the module crop group.  

Would you like to create another crop?
Then first click on the correct crop group for which you would like to add a crop under "overzicht Overview module crop groups" and subsequently click again on "nieuwe teelt Add new crop ".


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