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Module configuration



After you have purchased a module, you are able to configure the modules yourself by coupling the items from you climate computer in the module. Suffice to say, your climate computer must be connected to LetsGrow.com. When this is not the case yet, contact the LetsGrow.com service Service desk.



Open the screen "Module configuration" 


Follow the following steps:

  1. In the left-hand column, below “Mappen”, you can find a blue square icon iwth the name “Modules”. Expand "Modules".
  2. Choose the module you wish and expand to the deepest level. On the deepest level you'll find a blue sphere named "Configuration" (or Dutch: "Beheer").
  3. Click "Configuration" (or Dutch: "Beheer"). In the center part of teh screen appeares "Module configuration" (or Dutch: "Beheer Module").
  4. Click "Module configuration" (or Dutch: "Beheer module"). A new screen is opened where you can couple the LetsGrow Items (called "Items") to your climate computer's items (called "device items").

Couple the correct items and device items from your climate computer


Follow the following steps:

  1. Click the pencil icon in the column "Name". Select in the column "Device" from the pull-down menu the device/ climate computer you want to retrieve the items from. The message "items from the selected device are retrieved. This can take a while." is shown.
  2. Click on “OK”.
  3. Click in the column "device items", after the pull-down menu is filled with device items, the item you wish to couple to the item (from column "Item"). Depending on the brand of your climate computer, not all climate computer items can be sleected. Contact the servicedesk in this case: Service desk.
  4. If you want, you can change the item name. You can do this, by clicking on the "pencil" icon. This name will be showed in the graphs and charts.
  5. Couple the items you need.
  6. Click the button "Save" below.


  • You do not need to couple all the items at once. You can change the configuration any time you want.
  • You are also able to decouple items, by clicking "None" in the "Device" column. Caution!: the registered data of this item will be permanently deleted! This action cannot be reversed.
  • You can change the name of the module in the upper left corner of "Module configuration" (Dutch: “Beheer module”). Choose an appropriate, recognizable name.


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