The next step towards autonomous growing: real-time connection to the greenhouse with the LetsGrow Livestream

The next step towards autonomous growing: real-time connection to the greenhouse with the LetsGrow Livestream

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The times we live in bring a lot of challenges. Viruses and pest pressure are standard features in our current vocabulary these days. Physically meeting each other or entering greenhouses is becoming more and more the exception. To make entering greenhouses possible, launched the LetsGrow Livestream on 11 November 2021 using Google Glass. Real-time viewing and listening in the greenhouse and a direct link to your cultivation data on one convenient dashboard.

Digital business operations

Can you hear me or am I on mute?”, Do you also see what I see?, Turn the camera? Like this?” A situation that is familiar to us all. Nowadays we Zoom and Facetime a lot with each other. The coronavirus ensures that physical visits worldwide can still be difficult sometimes. In addition, various plant viruses also play a major role in the daily operations of many growers worldwide. The world has started to think and communicate more and more digitally. But however you look at it, there is often noise on the line. You quickly talk past each other anyway. How nice would it be if you could see and hear exactly the same as the person on the other end? In control from a distance with a live stream from the greenhouse. Through a specially designed Google Glass from for example. With sharp images and clear sound, it is possible to communicate with each other and to see the crop in detail, without being physically present. All you need is the LetsGrow Livestream.

Successful test phase at Porta Nova

Unlike a vegetable crop such as tomato, there is no virus in rose cultivation which makes entering the greenhouse that difficult. With protective clothing, a crop advisor, for example, can simply visit Porta Nova’s greenhouse. Despite this fact, Porta Nova was enthusiastic about the LetsGrow Livestream. Glenn van der Burg, cultivation manager at Porta Nova, explains: “With us, it is reasonably easy to enter the greenhouse without too much risk, but we still wanted to experience the LetsGrow Livestream. We certainly see the efficiency of this application and believe it can be a valuable addition to your data strategy, in any crop. Of course, we’ve all experienced having to look up digital alternatives since the corona days. This is a great add to that, especially since you’re really looking at the same thing together and, as a glasses wearer, you have your hands free.”

Glenn van der Burg van Porta Nova tests the glasses in practice.

Remote training and advice with the LetsGrow Livestream by HortiTech

HortiTech is also enthusiastic about the LetsGrow Livestream. HortiTech specializes in research, training, and advice for growers and organizations in agriculture worldwide. Pim van Adrichem of HortiTech is very enthusiastic about this development. He says: “We provide a lot of training, particularly in North America. Normally, you travel there very often. Besides the fact that this has been very inconvenient recently, flying is also costly for both our wallet and the environment. The Livestream can take over a number of these contact moments and make maintaining contact more accessible. A cooperation with a grower is often a process of several months or years. This allows you, for example, to replace one or two flights back and forth, but also to have more frequent contact with the grower in training because the threshold is a lot lower. Through the platform, it is easy to schedule a Livestream appointment with the grower on location. It is a matter of “plug-and-play.”

LetsGrow Livestream can be used during assessments

HortiTech also often carries out an assessment after a training program. The LetsGrow Livestream also offers a solution for this. Pim explains: “The glasses allow us to look directly at what the trainee grower is doing, without it feeling as if we are looking over his shoulder. This gives a much more realistic view of the situation than if we were to physically accompany that person. In the end, this is only beneficial for both parties”.

The LetsGrow Livestream is available worldwide. Would you like more information? Then contact us at or fill in our contact form.

Pim van Adrichem from HortiTech observes the greenhouse from a distance.

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