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LetsGrow Data for Android, Windows and IOSAfbeelding4 framed EN

What is the purpose of the app?

The purpose of this app is to enable manual data entry into Letsgrow.com with mobile devices.
This makes it possible to do the registrations directly in the greenhouse on a smartphone or tablet.
So, it is not necessary anymore to write your measurements down on paper in the greenhouse and afterwards fill it in (a second time) in the computer.
You only have to do this once! This is faster and it reduces the number of mistakes.


How to install the app?

For Android 4.0.3 and higher, you download the package from the Google Play Store.


For IOS7 and higher, you download the package from the Apple Store.


For Windows 10, you download the package from the Windows Store.

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How to use the app?

The operation of LetsGrow Data is very simple.

Afbeelding1 framed EN Figure 1   

Afbeelding2 framed EN Figure 2   

Afbeelding3 framed EN Figure 3   


1. You log in with your existing LetsGrow account (Figure 1).

2. Then you select the relevant module (Figure 2).

Configure single and multiple registrations 

3. You can enter data as a single registration or multiple registration. For example, you can use multiple entry for multiple locations where you want to know the average of plants. In the app, enter the individual plants through multiple entry. LetsGrow.com calculates the average values and shows this in the charts. To use this functionality, move the slider in the configuration items page to the right. If you want to change a multi item to single, then move the slider to the left.
Note: After changing multiple registration items to single registration, all multiple data is permanently deleted. Only the averages are still available.

Afbeelding1 framed EN Figure 4   

Afbeelding2 framed EN Figure 5   

Afbeelding3 framed EN Figure 6   

4. Select “Edit data” (Figure 4).

5. For the single input, select "Single registrations" and enter single data registrations (Figure 5).

6. For multiple input, create a new location with "Add Location". Then you can enter multiple item data by location through the newly created location (Figure 6).

Afbeelding1 framed EN Figure 7   

Afbeelding2 framed EN Figure 8   

Afbeelding3 framed EN Figure 9   

7. You can change the location name by keeping your finger pressed on the location name for Android and swipe to the left for IOS.
Then, press "Change name or location" and then there will be a screen to change your current location name (Figure 7).

Enter registrations

8. Now it is possible to enter single and/or multiple data (Figure 8).

9. Swipe to change the location. You can swipe to the left or to the right (Figure 9). 

10. If you want to change the date, then you can click on the date and go to another date to see the data from that date (Figure 10).

Afbeelding1 framed EN Figure 10   

Afbeelding2 framed EN Figure 11   

Send data
11. When you are finished with entering the data, you can go back to the Home screen to send your new data to LetsGrow.com. To do this, press the "Send Data" button. Only then all entered data is sent to LetsGrow.com (Figure 11).

Note: The application is designed that the entered data is "safe" in your device. It is desired to send your data within 10 days LetsGrow.com so your data is updated with our servers.

Immediately you can see the data you uploaded with the app in the graphs and reports on LetsGrow.com. The data will appear in any graph that contains lines and reports from the module you have selected when uploading the data

You can operate the app in offline mode when you don’t have data connection available. The data will be uploaded to LetsGrow when you have the app with a connection.

You can edit data in the app or in the manual data entry in LetsGrow.com. 


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