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LetsGrow Photo for Android and IOS

What is the purpose of the app?

The purpose of the LetsGrow Photo app is to upload photos of your crop to LetsGrow.com to see them in a graph with other data and to share them with other users.
FotoAppHow to install the app?
For Android 4.x and higher, you download the package from the Google Play Store.


For IOS, you download the package from the Apple Store.



Your Apple device must run “IOS 8.0” or higher to test the app.


How to use the app?
The operation of LetsGrow Photo is very simple.
You log in with your existing LetsGrow.com account. Then you select the relevant module. Choose a photo from the gallery (or take a photo) and optionally enter a remark.
Finally upload the selected photo to LetsGrow.com

Immediately you view the uploaded photos in the graphs at LetsGrow.com. The photos will appear in any graph that contains lines from the module you selected when uploading the photo. On the x-axis a small colored square marker indicates the date and time the photo was taken.
Foto in GrafiekWhen you click the photo it will show the original size.p>


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